MORE simple couch co-op games to play with s/o or the non-gamer (PS4)

I was cleaning up my PS4 to make space for the huge Call of Duty Warzone download and came across some more games that I completely forgot about. Last year I made a list of some fun couch co-op games you can play with your s/o or friend who isn’t really into video games. With the crazy events in the world and most of us being stuck inside – I’m going to add two more games to that list.

Pacman 256

It’s Pacman with a twist! This is an addictive spin on the Pacman we all know and love! Up to 4 players can hop on a never-ending stage with many Blinkys, Pinkys, Inkys and Clydes – and a never-ending kill screen adding to the pressure. There are also power ups you can collect that really help manage the chaos as you’re pinched between the ghosts and kill screen. Defend yourself with power ups such as lasers, traps, and many more! The more you play, the more credits you can make in order to unlock more power ups!

“Just one more!” You will find yourself saying this a lot after defeat!

Pacman 256 will only set you back $4.99!

Tetris Ultimate

Tetris with a spin! Heads up, this is not the Tetris for the diehards! You can save pieces for when you need them or for when you don’t have a good spot to place it. Tetris Ultimate also allows you to slide pieces, so it is somewhat forgiving. There is something here for everyone regardless of skill level. It has many different modes to have fun with like Marathon and Sprint(my favorites). You can fire this game up fairly quickly and just spend a ton of time besting your top scores.

A video of some Tetris Vets!

Check out some more great co-op games here.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Title photo by unsplash-logoJESHOOTS.COM


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