Royal Carribbean – Anthem of the Seas – Days 2 & 3

Motion sickness

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash

Leaving from Cape Liberty in November-let me just say the seas were rough those two days! I would definitely bring some motion sickness medication if you’re prone. We brought some Dramamine onboard just in case. There is motion sickness medication aboard The Anthem in “The Shop” but it was priced around $18! Better to bring your own. You could definitely feel the ship swaying back and forth! You could see many of the passengers onboard the ship visibly trying to keep their balance. Trying to get food at the Windjammer and filling up your drink was an adventure of its own with the ship rocking so much!

There is a lot to explore on the ship. I’ll try and divide as much of the experience I can on the sea days and share the excursions/stops on their own separate posts.

Time to eat!

There is a lot of food choices on The Anthem! Quick tip: You can treat yourself to ice cream right between the pool area and the Solarium! Johnny Rockets, WindJammer, Cafe270, American Icon Grill, Sorrentos, SeaPlex Doghouse. 👈🏾These are all of the food spots where me and my wife pigged out! There is a lot more to eat than this, but we just could not do everything!

Johnny Rockets is not complimentary so you will pay out of pocket for this goodness. “Burgers, Shakes, Fries & Fun”, but on a cruise ship!

We found ourselves at the WindJammer very often. It is a buffet style area, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You name it, they have it! This area is huge with plenty of places to sit, an outdoor eating area, and big windows so you can eat with a beautiful view.

I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich at Cafe270. You’ll also find coffee, salads, and sandwiches there. We also had quite a few hotdogs at the SeaPlex Doghouse while we waited and watched bumper cars and other activities.

Pizza at 2am always hits the spot! Sorrento’s pizza is open til 3am and was great for the night owls like myself. There was still quite a bit of people hanging out here and having fun at these hours.

Some of the meals from American Icon Grill. We came here for our formal nights. Don’t be shy here, you can order as many entrees as you want!

There is a lot of interesting things onboard!

A lot of cool paintings and art displayed all over the ship.
A full lap around the walk/running track!
Beautiful view from our balcony cabin. 8318.
Out catching thrills!

It’s easy to lose track of what day it is when you’re having so much fun! They update the days on the elevator daily.

Will be back with more content straight from Port Canaveral!


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