Royal Caribbean – Anthem of the Seas Port Canaveral

My favorite stop of the cruise! We booked the Twister Airboat Ride and Jungle Adventure excursion through Royal Caribbean. The excursion was scheduled a little later in the morning so we had a little bit of time to explore before it began.

As you exit the cruise ship there is a lot of tour guides there to point you in the right direction. There are a lot of buses in this area taking people from the cruise ship to their respective destinations. We would come back to this area after a little exploring. So we wandered off to find the Exploration Tower, not too far from the cruise ship.

It was very early in the morning so the Exploration Tower was not open at the time we were there. We hung out in this beautiful area until it was time for our excursion.

We will be seeing a lot of these later!
This little guy walking the red carpet

We headed a short walk back to the excursion gathering area as our bus was scheduled to arrive soon. We were pleasantly greeted by our tour guide (can’t remember his name) and soon boarded our tour bus. We got comfortable and soon made our way to Twister Airboat Rides at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp! The ride was roughly 20 minutes and our tour guide did an awesome job talking about the area and it’s landmarks. He made the ride over even more enjoyable!

Twister Airboat Rides at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp!

When we arrived, we were taken straight over to the airboats! We had a pretty full tour bus so we were split up into about 3 or 4 groups. Each group would get their own airboat and captain-then we were off into the St. Johns River!

I made a quick video from the ride

The total ride was about 30 minutes and it was amazing! I must say It was about 73 degrees, but with 35-45 mph winds – it gets cold out there! There was all kinds of wildlife! Alligators, cows, and even a bald eagle! It was all just so beautiful. The boat captain really got up to speed in the marshes. He would also stop and cut the motors so he could explain some of the wildlife and little details about the area. This opportunity also opened up chances for excellent photos. It really was an amazing experience on such a beautiful day.

After the ride we would take a small break in their rest area. There were souvenirs, restrooms, and snacks for a nice break in between the action.

Souvenir from Lone Cabbage Fish Camp
Had to have it!

We all got back on the bus and made way to our next stop of the excursion.

Jungle Adventures

When you first arrive here, you’re greeted by “Swampy”. The worlds largest gator. Photo opportunities here! You will sneak past Swampy who is guarding what’s inside the Jungle Adventures! Boat rides, animals, souvenirs, food – it’s all here!

We are all gathered into a room where we get to pet and hold a baby alligator and other cool animals. They will ask for a volunteer and sneak a scorpion and tarantula on your hand and shoulders! Noooo! There is also an alligator feeding demonstration.

You will also take a nice mellow boat ride around the park where you will see many more alligators and wildlife. You’re free to explore the park, eat food, and shop. It was a great time.

This brave gentlemen is in the enclosure while feeding them!
This guy is literally a dinosaur!
Crocodile not an alligator

After the last group comes back from their boat ride we group up and start getting everyone back onto the bus. We’ll then start heading back to the cruise port. We had a few more hours from our departure time but decided to head back onboard The Anthem and enjoy all it had to offer.

Saying Goodbye! What an eventful day!

See you in Nassau! ✌🏾


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    1. Thank you! It was so much fun!


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